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What Our Customers Say

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Mr Mohd Abbas
Home Owner, Karachi

"Quite frankly, it was my wife's idea. Ever since she got the Krypton Energy solar rooftop system, not only is our electricity bill a quarter of before but we can leave the A/C's on during daytime. Specially the children's room is now cool and comfortable when they come back from school."

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Mr Ahsan
Home Owner, Islamabad

"My friend installed a 5 kW solar system. The system charges the batteries as well as provides direct power to house during day time. In case the power use is excessive, the system uses additional power from IESCO. I plan to install the solar power generation system in my house too."

Default Avatar55
Mr Shabbir Shah
Manager Trading Company, Lahore

"All our 16 employees enjoy a quieter, cooler and more productive work environment now that we have installed Krypton Energy's solar rooftop solution. Even the 4 hours of loadshedding during the workday doesn't affect us. Its a successful solar power model. "

Project References

We have all skills under one roof: Consulting, Site Assessment, Planning, Retaliation as well as Operations & Maintainance

Kasur 4 KW

Project Name: Solar Pump System Module

Solar Polycrystalline 200W Duration: Day Time

System Type: Hybrid

Karachi 4 Kw

Project Name:  Rooftop Home System

Module Type: BLD Solar- Polycrystalline 250W

Inverter Type: IPV 5KW, Storage Duration: 4-5 hours
System Type: Off Grid

Lahore 5KW

Project Name: Solar Power System Module Type

Monocrystalline 250Watts Inverter Type SC2KW/8V

System Type: Grid Tiled Supplier: FTE Tech. Co. Ltd.

Islamabad 1KW

Project Name: Street Lights Project Module Type: BLD

Solar-Polycrystalline 250W Inverter Type: Xpert MKS1

KVA Duration Stroage: 12 Hours

System Type: Off Grid

Islamabad 7.5 KW

Project Name: Solar Pump System- Resort

Module Type: BLD Solar- Polycrystalline 250W
Duration: Day time

Karachi 1.3 KW

Project Name: Solar Pump System- Resort

Module Type: BLD Solar- Polycrystalline 250W
Duration: Day time