If your business offers products/services to residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural customers then becoming our affiliate partner may be an incredible choice.

How the Partnership Works

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Fahad Atiq

System Engineer

E-mail: saleseng.khi@kryptonenergy.com.pk

Mob: 0320-5501723

You have spent a good time of your professional career in developing your own business and customers and now after years of hard work and experience you deserve to harvest this resource!!! You deserve a partner who is ready to make good terms with you and make you feel as friendly as you feel in your own business. This would be like another business to you not a part time not a quarter time but your own complete business.

The solar market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Affiliating with us would bring you the benefit of offering efficient customized energy solutions to your clients and customers and create a new earning opportunity. Our chain of partners is spread nationwide. Krypton Energy is a complete solar solution provider and we efficiently manage services of our clients all year and guarantee them the energy production, reducing their electricity bills by up to 60%.

How to become a Professional Affiliate Partner?

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This could come out as an earning opportunity to you and an opportunity to introduce more value added to your customers.