Since cost of going solar has gone down, there is an opportunity to power water pumping system from solar. Drip irrigation, above ground emitters and open flood watering are the methods that can be used for small-scale and commercial scale solutions to the water pumping. Drip irrigation includes booster pump for clean – water source. Piston pump and surface pump for dirty – water source. Open flood irrigation includes slow pump for clean-water source and SunCentric pump for dirty-water source.


Drinking water can be delivered by Solar Water Pumping System. AC pump is generally replaced by DC pump to achieve higher efficiencies. DC pumps accept direct solar power from Panels. It has important component the controller which it matches input solar power to the output power needed for pump. These pumps are cost-effective and reliable solution to the areas where water resources are distributed. The main cost of the system depends on solar panel array which is dependent on the solar irradiance and the amount of water needed.