Commercial solar PV systems have many advantages. You can secure your future against rising energy cost. Generate own clean energy and it will be free too. Companies can meet their CSR objectives and reduce carbon emissions. Ever rising energy cost is likely to remain same; hence it is highly viable to have solar power system on your rooftop. Commercial electricity in Pakistan is costly and grid is not reliable. Power outages cause interruption during work which reflects in our performance. The companies replace their conventional grid electricity to solar power to eliminate power outage issue.


Farm Houses are the real beneficiary of solar power systems. The main load of Farm Houses is submersible pump which consumes more electricity from grid. If it is replaced with solar pump it consumes less power. The solar pump connects itself with solar panels that absorbs sunlight and convert it into electricity. The important component in this type of system is the controller which takes input power from panels and drives the solar pump. It also gives low voltage protection in case of low sunlight.


Generally, we have tradition of educational institutions with large flat roofs and it is a great place for solar panels. Use your already available space to consume clean electricity. It does not only cut electricity cost but make a lasting impression on students. Communities consider school administrators as leaders. These initiative shows leadership in energy and sustainability. Educational institutions can have two types of systems. One is On-Grid system which is focused to decrease monthly electricity bill. Other is Hybrid system which enables to power appliances during load shedding. Krypton Energy provides one of the best commercial solar power systems. The areas with heavy load shedding should go for the second option i.e. hybrid system. Otherwise, if you are free of load shedding or have backup generator then go for on-grid system which will surprisingly decrease your monthly electricity bill.

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