Solar photovoltaic systems have, over the last 50 years, evolved into a mature, sustainable and adaptive technology. PV technology is improving as the efficiency of solar cells increases and the modules are designed with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. As a result, solar power is gaining more acceptance and is becoming an increasingly cost-effective and clean alternative to conventional energy sources.

Homes installed with a high quality, branded solar system sell twice as fast as their conventional counterparts. Homeowners who use a reliable PV solar system are more satisfied and recommend their builder to others twice as often. Installing a quality solar PV system as a standard feature simplifies the buyer’s decision making process because it takes the guesswork out of their purchase. Builders find that it is more profitable to offer solar as a standard features as compared to other options. Solar systems retain their value on average 97% and add an average of Rs. 1.5 million to a home’s value. Krypton Energy urges Builders and Architects to install our Solar PV Systems. In order to assess your location to go solar, please download A Resource Guide for Architects & Builders named Integrating A Solar PV Rooftop System Into A Building Structure.