A residential solar system can typically fulfill 40-60% of electricity required per day. The rest has to be met through grid supply. Some of the benefits you receive are:

  1. Direct rupee savings on electricity bill
  2. Levelised cost of electricity at under Rs 4 per unit against Rs 18 from grid
  3. Get billed at lower tariff slabd
  4. Freely run the A/C’s during daytime. Larger area, more rooms cooled.
  5. Even at night use 50% less electricity through our inverter A/C’s
  6. No suffering during load shedding.
  7. No generator or fuel replenishment hassle or expense. Noiseless
  8. Uninterrupted power supply during daytime
  9. Protected against future price increases in electricity tariffs
  10. Lower carbon emissions
  11. We fully manage your services all year
  12. Panels also help insulate your roof from receiving direct sunlight and heat.
  13. Your custom project designed for your financial and electrical needs

We give you a customized solution that is managed by us

Our life and requirements are unique. So should be your solar rooftop solution to simultaneously bring you the best electricity cost savings and abundant home cooling benefits.


In as little as 10 minutes, a Krypton Energy Solar Power expert can help you determine if it makes sense for you to go solar.

Please have your last electricity bill available.

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