How We Work

Site Assesment

A sales consultant from Krypton Energy will perform a preliminary site assessment using our comprehensive site assessment methodology. Upon review of the preliminary results, you have the option of continuing with detailed on-site analysis and proposal.


Krypton’s electrical and structural engineers will then design a solar electric system that is tailored to your home’s size, layout and your needs. We will also provide you with multiple system options to choose from.


Your Krypton Energy sales consultant will provide you with a detailed, written proposal that addresses how your goals will be achieved, both in terms of electricity use and financing. Included in the proposal will be possible options of different solar panel configurations and solar energy system sizes, net investment in solar, annual savings and equipment specifications.


Once you have approved our proposal, Krypton Energy will prepare all the paperwork for utility and local permitting. Additionally, we will provide you with financing options and applications, if appropriate. We will work with you to develop an installation schedule that meets your time requirements.


Construction time varies depending on the size and complexity of the system, but typically, installation in homes takes less than a week to complete.

Customer Care

Krypton Energy will provide owner training of your newly-installed system. We will deliver an Owner’s Manual which includes record drawings, warranties, product information, instructions and maintenance requirements so you will be fully equipped to care for your new solar electric system.

Managed Services

A Krypton Energy rooftop system provides years of hassle-free services. Maintenance is minimal because it contains no moving parts. It is simply a matter of keeping the solar panels free of excess dirt and debris. Our company is always on call to support the ongoing operation of your solar PV system. We are also happy to discuss maintenance programs with you to help keep your solar electricity system in top working order and producing electricity at peek efficiency.