Why Is A Solar Rooftop Solution Viable?

  • Industrial captive solar power plant

  • Independent project development, EPC, financing & O & M.

Krypton Energy system’s unit cost is Rs. 8. It decreases monthly bill up to 50% and if electricity is generated by diesel than it cost Rs. 30 per unit which is more expensive. We turn minimum system cost into maximum return on your power plant with the shortest execution. The payback years are about 3.5 to 4 years.

We arrange complete build out and management of the system. Our services include financing through our partner financial institutions. We source modules, inverters & advisory services from our principal company, Luxen Power, while we undertake design, development and construction of power plant with technical assistance from Luxen and their consultant ZLN Solar.

Project development includes advisory services, feasibility, checking all regulatory requirements, design and detailed planning. During implementation we focus on selection of high quality components, site preparation, construction, installation and testing, financing, insurance and turnkey plant handover. We subsequently undertake the O & M which includes on site asset management, system performance monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement, avoid downtime and maximize financial return.

Solar energy is the cheapest source of electric power.

Assess Your Requirement:

We turn minimum system cost into maximum return on your power plant with the shortest excution.

Our Services

We work as consortium leader to deliver turnkey plant construction and management

  •  EPC
  •  BOO

We subsequently undertake O & M

Other members of consortium:

  • Teknoaids – An engineering & contracting company
  •  ZNL Solar – A professional energy integration service provider & leading technology company from China

Consortium expertise:

  • International professional R & D team
  • Project consulting
  • Solar power system & structural design
  • Electrical equipment & solar racking system supply
  • Project construction, commissioning & acceptance
  • O & M
  • Monitoring & evaluation of solar power plants

EPC Mode

  •  Full wrap turnkey model
  • Design, source, install, test & commission
  • Plant component sourcing
  • Operate & manage the plant

Our Benefits

  • Established solar component supply chain
  • Integrated warranty management
  • Developed risk management and project control procedures
  • Significant buyer power & technical resources

Build, Own, Operate Model

Assess Your Feasibility

What percentage of your manufacturing, processing or conversion cost is electricity?

Assess The Future

Pakistan faces an acute electricity crisis

Tariffs for new coal, LNG, hydro & renewable energy plants currently being offered are in excess of 8-10 cents per kWhr.

  • Coal (CPEC and Thar) projects: 8.5 cents
  • LNG: 10 cents
  • Wind: 10.5 cents
  • Laraib Hydropower: 8.5 cents

This is the long term contractual rate at which government will purchase electricity

By the time it reaches you, the following costs will have to be added:

  • Transmission costs (Grid infrastructure)
  • Transmission losses
  • Utility operating costs and profit
  • Distribution losses, theft, inefficiencies
  • Surcharges, additional surcharges, taxes

Grid Electricity Outlook

  •  Investments have started to come into generation capacity.
  •  Meanwhile the grid and distribution companies are in a dilapidated condition.
  •  We foresee that it will be years before these are privatized and necessary investments made so they can begin to function effectively.
  • Even then, cost of grid power will remain much above a solar rooftop system.

World oil prices may have slumped,
however, for the end user:

Solar PV Is An Investment With Long Term Secure Returns.

  • Sustainable

  • Highly Reliable Yields

  • Low Maintenance Cost

  • Fastest Construction Time

  • Scalable

  • Green

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