LED Solar lamp powered by photovoltaic (PV) are used for street lights. It consists of two types of street lights. One is fully integrated with Solar Panel, battery bank and charge controller in single packaging where as another is designed separately Solar Panel, battery bank and charge controller. Both are provided with high strength street light pole. These solar lamps are for outdoor purposes; hence it is manufactured to withstand dust, rainfall and heavy winds.


Solar powered LED garden lights add beauty to the gardens. These lights can be powered individually or can have common Solar panels array that charges battery bank to supply power in night. Garden lights glow daily from dusk to dawn irrespective of utility grid. It eliminates power outages problem.


Hospitals consume huge amount of electricity to treat patients and run their life saving equipment. Even if facilities use diesel generator as primary source it cost very high. We provide solutions to the hospitals which require minimal maintenance. These systems deliver power during load shedding to keep critical equipment live. Hospitals generally have empty space available on rooftop which is used to fulfill their needs of electricity.