General Information

Sialkot is situated in the north-east of Punjab region and is 12th most populous city of Pakistan with a population of 421, 502 million according to 1989 tally.

Sialkot is one of the most productive industrial clusters of Pakistan and famous for manufacture and trade of several wares such as surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports goods, leather goods, textile goods and the like.

Few of the well-Known serving dishes are Tandori Chicken, Bhuna Ghost, Nihari, Chicken and Beef Biryani, Keema Naan, Sarson da saag.

Traditional wears of Sialkot are dhoti, khurta and Khussa.

Resource Data

Sialkot annual average temperature is 32 degrees. Average solar radiation in Sialkot is 5.4 (kWh/m^2/day) with an average of 165 (W/m^2) plane of array irradiance.

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