What is Solar Thermal Technology?

Solar thermal unlike fossil fuel uses energy from the sun to generate low-cost, environmentally friendly thermal energy. This energy can be used to heat water or other fluid mediums. It can also power solar cooling systems. Solar thermal systems are different from solar photovoltaic systems because they generate heat instead of electricity. They do not create a photovoltaic effect; instead directly capture the sun’s head.

Solar thermal systems can bring energy cost reduction for your business by providing:


  • Reduced Utility Bills:Businesses that require large quantities of hot water or other fluids must pay for the fuel required to heat those fluids. Solar thermal systems use solar energy to heat fluids, reducing utility bills by up to 70%.
  • Compliance with Sustainability Mandates:The trend of the future will be for many energy intensive businesses to face mandates requiring them to implement renewable energy technologies to cut carbon emissions. Solar thermal systems can help meet these requirements while also providing solid ROI.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint:By utilizing solar energy instead of fossil fuels, solar thermal systems reduce the amount of site-generated, carbon-based greenhouse gases a business emits into the atmosphere. The carbon reductions can be translated into an added revenue stream under the clean development mechanism.



  • Solar thermal is more space efficient than (solar PV). People use Solar PV for heat production which is a long winded way. It also takes more than three times the space than Solar Thermal.
  • It can be up to 70% more efficient in collecting heat from sun rays than solar PV
  • The technology itself is less complex than solar PV
  • Perfect solution for heating up water

Why burn fossil fuel or biomass, if you can use the sun!


The technology has been developed in Germany and widely applied worldwide by our principal company Industrial SolarGmBH. The Fresnel collector is a linear focusing solar energy collecting system for generating process heat. Sizes range from 100 kW to 10 MW at pressures up to 120 bar (standard 40 bar) and temperatures up to 400°C. Different heat transfer fluids can be used like pressurized water or thermal oil, but it is also possible to directly generate or even superheat steam. The Industrial Solar Fresnel Collector includes all necessary components for generating process heat and can be retrofitted as a heat source for your process.

The process heat collector uses individually tracked reflector rows to concentrate direct solar irradiance on a stationary linear receiver. This system is a best choice for the industries which needsexternal equipment fueled with Renewable and cost free source for their process and pre-heating purposes.

The lightweight, modular system, in combination with the high heat gain per installed area, makes it optimal for rooftop installation for industrial and utility facilities.


Main components of the system are:

  • Supporting structure
  • Primary reflectors
  • Receiver, consisting of secondary reflectors and vacuum absorber tubes
  • Control systems for the primary reflector tracking and the solar array output

Optional components are:

  • Package for monitoring of the collector performance
  • Hydraulic circuit designed to meet the customer’s needs

Advantages are as follows;

  • Top quality engineering guarantees reliable operation, maximum output and therefore the highest possible cost-effectiveness
  • Good weight distribution and small wind load for easy rooftop installation
  • Output temperature up to 400 °C
  • Precise automatic power and temperature control – no stagnation or Overheating problem
  • The system does not need to be aligned on a north-south or east-west axis
  • Reliable reflectors made of flat glass mirrors
  • Remote control and monitoring via internet
  • Low operation and maintenance
  • Can either be operated with pressurized water or thermal oil and can also directly generate steam
  • Can provide thermal power in the range of several 100 kilowatts up to several megawatts
  • Will reduce carbon emissions, reduce your fuel bill and make you more independent from highly volatile oil prices
  • Improve your company image in times of climate change and give you a unique selling proposition for customers with a high ecological awareness




24/7 OPERATION:For all the night and off-sun operation we provide adequate thermal storage systems which are lot more efficient and cost effective. Heat losses in our thermal storage systems are as few as were never before in other heat storing technologies. Other feature of this system is that it comes with brilliant compatibility with the Collectors, Production zone and with complete Fresnal system altogether.


FINANCING: This masterpiece of renewable energy technology comes with financing up-to 100% depending upon the size and nature of the project. We believe in giving our customers maximum ease, you don’t have to get into any complications we will finance the project for you. You just pay us the cost less than what you were paying for your fuel.


PAYBACK:Generally the Return on Investment (ROI) of such system is around 4-7 years at present energy prices, depending upon the system size, location, nature of system, local energy cost. The payback can be recovered by offsetting the annual expenditure on the fuel, fuel which was used to produce the massive amount of heat or steam. Most Industries in Pakistan use Diesel or HFO for their production and per unit cost of both of them is higher than from our system.


Solar Steam Generation – Clean Process Heat

Steam is the most common heat carrier in industry. The Industrial Solar Fresnel Collector is optimized for solar steam generation and is thus the cleanest option for your process heat supply.

Alternatively we also offer steam generation solutions based on the waste heat of combined heat and power plants.



At any rate, if you are concerned about your energy costs – present and going forward, then please call us for a free consultation.