Portable Instant Solar Kit

We provide specialized portable and instant solar kits called Sunbox. You may carry sunbox anywhere you want. It consists of a solar panel, battery bank, LED light, Pedestal fan and cell phone charger with multiple connectors. The outstanding Sunbox makes it comfortable for a single person to carry all the accessories alone. You can assemble this kit in no time, we invest ours great time to provide your handy solution. Now this season enjoys the heat wave with solar panel to get immunity from power outages. Yeah, it’s an opportunity for you, plan a picnic on sea side or park and carry sunbox so that you can enjoy electricity for the first time to the places where you have not experienced yet.

SunBox portable aur foran install hojanay wali solar kit hy. SunBox ko app kaheen bhi sath layja saktay hn. Is main solar panel, battery, LED light, pedestal fan aur cell phone charger bhi hy jis main mukhtalif connectors hn. Yeh is tarah say design kia gaya hy k eik akayla banda khod is ko assemble karsakta hy aur kisi electrician ki bhi zarorat nhi. Aap is kit ko chand mintoon main set karsaktay hn. Is garmi k season ko enjoy karain SunBox k sath taka ap garmi main bhi thandak k ihsaas hasil karsakain. Aur haan is ko apnay sath picnic per layjaiyay aur ab wahan bhi bijli ka lotf uthayay jahan pehlay bijli mojood na the.